Working my way upwind just to blast back downwind, again, and again……

Import issues!

Ok then, it seems the “simple” import process from Blogger was not 100% successful.  Post titles made it over but no content or media!!! Back to the drawingboard or in WordPress lingo that would be “Dashboard” for me. A little knowledge is not always a good thing, but more learning is.  If I have too much trouble getting the old contents over, then I will just start fresh here at WordPress.  There wasn’t much on Blogger, just really a little on happenings last spring.  I got too busy in the summer, which is a good thing for somebody in the marine industry….

The template / theme I chose for this blog allows me to showcase some of my photography, so that will come soon.  I had a major data loss from my last system and I am very slowly recovering from this.  I lost 6 years of digital photos!! Yes I had a backup, or so I thought.  That is a whole other story which I will cover in a future post in the hopes that it will help somebody, anybody learn and not live through what I have just had to endure. Did I mention that photography is my second passion, right there behind sailing.  The lost is catastrophic and very upsetting to say the least.  Still not over it, I have one last hope to see if some of the files can be recovered.  It’s a long shot, but as soon as the holidays are over I will see if anything can be recovered.


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