Working my way upwind just to blast back downwind, again, and again……

A thing or two about me

I love sailing, boating and generally being out on the water. I never intended for this to become my life’s passion but it has. I embrace it and say bring it on. Any opportunity to cruise or race is usually never refused, no matter what the weather or water/sea conditions are.
I am also an avid photographer. Now for this the weather and climate conditions are at times disappointing because I pamper my DSLR. The result is that I do not always carry it especially out on the boat in adverse conditions!! I try to carry the current point & shoot which has in the past bitten the dust, hence the use of the term current. The damage incurred on boats is usually catastrophic for both the camera and memory card (think water immersion!). The result may  be that some of the photos will be taken with a mobile phone, hence the quality may not be up to par. This might improve if I update my mobile, but since I am hoping this one lasts at least another year quality may be an issue.  The plan is to pepper this blog with photos, no matter how they are produced……….


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