Working my way upwind just to blast back downwind, again, and again……


Finally, a new iPhone

Well, my last two posts which I wrote while I Florida never got published! I guess my Internet connection was not up to snuff!!!!!
Now I get to post images from my new iPhone. This is going to be a test post. I shot this sunset a week or two ago, such an improvement over the 3GS.
Let me know what you think of the quality. Cheers for now.



1st flight report

WOW, what a bumpy ride that was. Made it to Philly, now waiting for next flight to board. This is going to be a real short flight. Only going to Baltimore-Washington, so ~50 mins in the air total time.
Overall I am pleased. Went from a 2 stop over to a single stop and will arrive a little earlier than expected.
Here is a picture using Camera Awesome App developed by Smugmug.
Can’t wait to upgrade my mobile, as I find if I don’t add filters or effects, the pictures are terrible.
Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


Travelling again

On my way to the Annapolis boatshow. I was scheduled to take a 2 stop milk run with Delta but bad weather somewhere cancelled my first flight. My good luck, as US Airways is now flying me with only 1 stop and bonus, I will get there earlier.


New website


Website is almost ready. For now we have a welcome front page, check it out and let me know what you all think.
Evolution Yachting will be the new home of our Montreal yacht brokerage business for both sail and power.
New boat interests you, then check out the line of the world famous J-Boats. They offer both race and cruising yachts, top quality with amazing performance. Would you prefer something a little different then have a look at the brand new offerings from Hanse Yachts.


Arena lake


A shot showing the pulley system at the Toronto Boatshow arena lake. Some of the ramps used by the wake boarders can be seen in the background.

It’s been too long….

Wow, how time flies even in winter…  Need to update this blog more often, my bad…….

Winter is not my favorite season, being that I am a sailor at heart.  Need the warm weather not the icy cold temperature we are having now up here in Quebec.

The Toronto Boatshow had all the regular stuff; loads of fishing boats, power boats galore, a few select keelboats to appease the sailors, but the busiest sections were the ‘Market Place’ and the ‘Cottage Living areas.  They had an arena size pool with lots of demonstrations; paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, small ski boats, and the big draw was the pulley system wake board demonstrations by the young pros.  You could try any and all the toys, a big draw for the young crowd. I took a photo with my old cell phone so will post it using the WordPress app.  Let’s see how that works.


Toronto Boatshow – photo # 2

It has been a very busy start to the new year. Currently in Toronto helping man the Evolution Sails booth. Here is another cell phone picture, my apologies for the quality. I’ll try to take other picture with my camera for uploading in a future post.
Not great attendance so far! Let’s hope it get busier as I’m here until Sunday.