Working my way upwind just to blast back downwind, again, and again……


Finally, a new iPhone

Well, my last two posts which I wrote while I Florida never got published! I guess my Internet connection was not up to snuff!!!!!
Now I get to post images from my new iPhone. This is going to be a test post. I shot this sunset a week or two ago, such an improvement over the 3GS.
Let me know what you think of the quality. Cheers for now.



1st flight report

WOW, what a bumpy ride that was. Made it to Philly, now waiting for next flight to board. This is going to be a real short flight. Only going to Baltimore-Washington, so ~50 mins in the air total time.
Overall I am pleased. Went from a 2 stop over to a single stop and will arrive a little earlier than expected.
Here is a picture using Camera Awesome App developed by Smugmug.
Can’t wait to upgrade my mobile, as I find if I don’t add filters or effects, the pictures are terrible.
Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


Travelling again

On my way to the Annapolis boatshow. I was scheduled to take a 2 stop milk run with Delta but bad weather somewhere cancelled my first flight. My good luck, as US Airways is now flying me with only 1 stop and bonus, I will get there earlier.

Made it home…

Arrived mid afternoon after being held up for over 1 hour at the Valleyfield lifting bridge. No wait at the St Louis-de-Gonzague bridge, followed by another hour’s wait at the upper Beauharnois lock. It’s impressive to see and pass under the new bridge which is under construction right at the upper lock. I took a few pictures, but with the power down I can’t download and do any transfers. I’ll try and post some tomorrow.
Nice to be back amongst all the creature comforts of home. Now if only the power would come back up…..


Arrived at public docks in Valleyfield at 5:45 thins afternoon. I’ll post a few pictures of the last few days as soon as I have a proper Internet connection.
Also of note, some of the pictures will be from my iPhone 3GS so resolution is not the best. Upgrade time to new iPhone 5 is right around the corner.





Endymion Island, Ont

We stopped at Endymion, on one of the newer docks for the night. It is soo beautiful and quiet here without the summer vacationers. We are going to take advantage of this and stay a second night. It isn’t very warm today, wearing jeans with socks and shoes, not to mention a sweater. Extremely comfortable sleeping at night as the temperature drops and it get cool down below deck. Here is a quick pic of the bay we are in, taken with my old iPhone 3GS.


Kingston, Ont

What a crazy windy day yesterday. I have seen my sheer of wind this summer season and yesterday was pretty spectacular. I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures so I will give you a short recap.
We arrived at Kingston Yacht Club on Thursday late afternoon to make the crew exchange as easy as possible. My mother joined the cruise while Bill returned home as he had racing obligations. It is the Club Championship weekend after all….
There are many expressions for the type of winds we saw yesterday, but the one which comes to mind is

It blew the dogs off the chains

I will post a picture of the wind meter which was running at KYC. Not sure how clear it will be!! This was taken before the second blow came through which seemed almost insignificant after what came through earlier.